Award-winning artist Mike Thompson has spent the last 30 years creating illustrations for clients such as Marvel, Hasbro, Dimension Films, HBO, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Mattel, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network. Now on Pixeos!

Mike’s work has been featured in books, videogame covers, movie posters, and toy packaging.

Infiniti Motors and Coca-Cola have featured Mike’s art in advertising campaigns, and he received two Clio Awards for the films Hidden Figures and Deadpool 2.

Mike began digitally sculpting six years ago and now has clients that include Sideshow Collectibles, Reel FX, and Nike.

He is a ZBrush Live presenter for Pixologic and can be seen streaming twice a month on their site. As a Wacom partner, Mike recently had a three-week Latin American speaking tour engaging art students in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina.


The growing demand for addressing the issues and needs of the art industry meets blockchain technology with Pixeos gallery’s latest update, opening the gate for every user not yet acquainted with blockchain technology and its applications.

Art and collectibles in digital form are trending and numbers in the global collectibles market are impressive. NFTs as the registry and transactional technology is opening new horizons for these markets.

GlitchCast_12_10_20.02 by Domenico Barra (Italy)

Art is part of a larger trend, where revenues for total art and collectibles are growing 6% yearly. …

Pixeos and Moonpay have partnered up to make digital art collectability more accessible and allow everyone to buy digital art and physical artworks and collectibles in the future.

Pixeos unique and authenticated digital artworks are provably original with the power of the proprietary Pixeos non-fungible tokens and verification systems.

What was considered just an image on the internet now becomes unique and the ownership of unique assets is assured by the Pixeos technology. A new breed of collectors is born in times when physical exhibitions are not as visitable as before. Everlasting royalties for creators at artists reach.

One of…

Monthly Highlights — Don’t Fight — Educate

Important tech and product updates, new artists on board, and much more happening in the Pixeos world in this 5th edition of the Pixeos Monthly Digest.🙌

Tech Updates

🤩 We launched 3D GLB assets support. It’s an interesting feature, and we are aiming to develop this functionality further paving the way to VR.

🤩 Dollar values. To facilitate the understanding of artwork prices our team integrated USD prices live update. This allows users to visualize the prices without the need for calculations and conversions from the cryptocurrency market.

🤩 Pixeos Phygital. A blockchain authenticity system for physical artworks and collectibles powered by…

Meet Natalia Gedranovich!

Silence (2017) by Natalia Gedranovich. Oil, canvas. 100x75 cm. On sale in Pixeos Gallery

Pixeos, an art, and collectibles company is proud to announce a major development update — Pixeos proprietary NFT tech now connects to Near Field Communication tags powered by Caer Sidi to assure immutable digital provenance to physical artworks and life long royalties traceable via a distributed ledger.

We are thrilled to welcome our first physical artist, Natalia Gedranovich from Belarus!

Pixeos is honored to have such a great artist joining this new initiative so we asked Natalia to tell us more about her art and herself in a short interview.

To blow your mind with fine digital art

Jon Noorlander’s piece from Sculptures collection

Jon Noorlander is a multidisciplinary artist working in the creative field for over a decade. His artistic journey began at an early age, surrounded by different art forms stemming from his family. His mother is a painter, and his father is an architect. The Swedish artist has gained inspiration for his designs through time spent living and working in London, Los Angeles, and currently New York.

His creative force is expressed through print, motion, and installations. They are bold, contemporary, and abstract.

Huge viral effect and a lot of attention came to…

Monthly Highlights — Hard Work Pays Off

Hello everybody,

this month was hectic and we were heads-down developing, strategizing, and closing new ARTnerships. Luckily it’s time to breathe out, and we are already excited about August!👊

Let’s jump into our monthly digest of July!

Tech Development done right

Our dev team was on fire this month. Enough said, just look at what was delivered:

📍MP4 support! From now on our artists and collectors can enjoy full video experience in the gallery. The same 35MB rule applies, as usual, so let’s storm the gallery with brand new quality content, now with video and sound!

📍Stats on the front…

Glitch art collaboration by Domenico Barra and Fred Nogueira *Pixeos CEO*

We are excited to announce that Pixeos has established a new ARTnership with Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery to enrich the artist community in our platform. This is the first ARTnership of such nature that will revolve around digital art collectability popularization.

Pixeos is bridging the gap between traditional and digital art interpretation and building advanced tech infrastructure for artists and collectors. Fomenting the accessibility of art in all forms, Pixeos provides scalable solutions for all artists to monetize tamper-proof and verified digital and soon physical art.

Monthly Highlights — Ready, Set, Create

From gallery highly anticipated search implementation, Pixeos ARTnerships, to contests both finished and freshly started, check out what’s going on in the Pixeos Gallery ecosystem for June 2020.

Canvia ARTnership

Last week Pixeos announced the ARTnership with Canvia. We believe that’s a revolution on how authentic digital artworks can be displayed.

The first stage of the partnership roadmap consists of:

  • Special discounts for the Pixeos gallery users for acquiring a Canvia Display;
  • Integration: Pixeos and Canvia systems will be integrated to assure blockchain provenance to digital displayed artworks;
  • Pixeos artists and artworks to be displayed in the Canvia collection;
  • Pixeos collectors, with…

Canvia Frames showcased in house environments
Canvia Frames showcased in house environments
Canvia frames showcased in home environments

To celebrate the announcement of Pixeos and Canvia ARTnership, the Canvia Art Frame raffle is about to start. One of our collectors that buys art in the Pixeos gallery will get a Canvia Smart Frame, that will allow users to display their Pixeos Gallery collection, exclusively on their wall like a physical painting (unlike TV apps that just display standard collections our idea is to showcase your very own artworks to you and your close ones).

It’s simple. Any artwork purchased in the Pixeos Gallery from 4th of July to the 4th of August is a ticket to the contest.

Pixeos Gallery

Pixeos offers cutting edge solutions for artists and collectors to verify provenance and ownership. Monetization and everlasting royalties for creators.

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